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Driving Test Routes


Pass your driving test by practising the driving test routes you are likely to follow during your driving test.

By practising your local driving test routes, knowing the speed limits, which lane to use, and where you are about to turn, you will dramatically improve your chance of passing your driving test.

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Driving Test Routes


If you’re looking to plan the driving test routes for your driving practice sessions, then this App is exactly what you need.

By selecting a route that matches your skill level and includes the specific aspects you want to focus on, you increase your chances of effectively combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

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Driving Test Routes

Create, publish and search driving test routes with RouteBuddy, a full turn-by-turn Satellite Navigation App.

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Driving test routes

We are constantly updating and adding new test routes to our system.  To see if your preferred test route is available, please search for your test centre below…

Record mock driving test routes with a single tap.

This fantastic feature lets you easily record a route by simply tapping a button. This is especially helpful for instructors as it lets them save the route for later use. You can even organise the route based on skill levels, starting from Beginner and going up to Advanced. You also have the option to include specific elements like roundabouts or manoeuvres. Pausing the recording while you’re on a route and restarting it when you’re ready is a breeze. This is perfect if you want to have a focused discussion about a particular part of the route, such as how to position your vehicle at a roundabout or navigate a junction layout.

Create a mock driving test route manually.

Perfect for mapping out your route without leaving your seat! Skilled instructors can effortlessly generate routes from memory. They just choose the starting point and mark the points to craft your route. These routes can be saved in folders, sorted into different categories like Beginner to Advanced, and enhanced with specific details. For newly qualified instructors and PDIs, this tool is a great way to familiarise yourself with the teaching area. It’s also handy for learner drivers who want to create routes that match their current skill level. These routes can then be utilised during private practice sessions.

Follow a published lesson route: Learner Drivers

For those who are learning, our main aim is to help you succeed in the DVSA theory and driving tests. This App was created specifically to assist you in achieving that goal! To pass your theory test, it’s essential to understand things like road signs, markings, and road rules (Highway Code).

By picking a route driving route that matches your skill level and includes the areas you want to improve, you increase your chances of blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This approach is designed to support you in passing both your theory and practical driving tests.


This feature gives you a lot of flexibility! Instructors can make folders with different driving routes, like easy ones for beginners and harder ones for advanced learners. They can focus on things like roundabouts or manoeuvres. They can even make special folders for each student. In these folders, you can add routes and mark them as done.

If you’re learning to drive, your instructor can show you the routes you practised in your lessons. And guess what? You can also make your folders! This helps you learn and improve even when you’re not in a lesson.

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